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Operation Deployment Care

All or nothing. This is the schedule of a soldier in the United States Army. A soldier is either training for deployment, which requires long days and extended absences, or deployed to fight for and defend our freedom. The result is that we have become the greatest nation on Godís green Earth. Also resulting from that type of a schedule is a family that has to spend a lot of time with a missing parent.
When soldiers are saved and discipled they make great church members. Soldiers, however, are different than that of the average church member due to the nature of their work and their All or Nothing schedule. One way they are different is that they may not be in your church as long as your average civilian members. Because of this they must be integrated on purpose. CrossRoads Baptist Church seeks to overcome all the obstacles in the lives of our military members that prevent them from being a growing, serving child of God.
Three ways that we seek to minister to the military members of our church:

1. Realize that their family has unique needs. The children have moved many times, therefore we embrace them quickly with our Sunday School teachers, and other children. The teenagers have made friends and left them on more than one occasion. We encourage all the teenagers in the church to reach out to the military teens. The wife has many special needs. She needs a good Christian friend. One who will be there when troubling news comes (his unit came under attackóor worse). We offer her a weekly opportunity for a motherís day out. With Mrs. Mindi Lundy, a very accessible, loving pastorís wife and many other members who can relate with what they are going through, we have a tremendous support group for the wives of deployed our soldiers.
2. Remember our deployed soldiers. Pastor Lundy prays for each of our soldiers on a daily basis. Our church also prays for our soldiers publicly. We call their names in church meetings, Sunday school classes, prayer meetings, and the pulpit. We correspond with our deployed soldiers and send each a regular taste of home. Our Deployment Care Packages (DCP) are second to no one. With homemade goodies, jerky, letters, cards, and more we send love and friendship 1000 miles away when it is needed more than anything in the world.
3. Have a special day to recognize the military. Veterans Day is a big deal to us. We do not take lightly the honoring of our current military service members and veterans. We take the time to show our appreciation for their service and dedication.


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