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From Pastor Nicholas Lundy

Miracles. Abiding. Becoming More Like Christ.
by nelundy on 
becoming more like Christ


 Have you ever seen a miracle? Have you ever seen anything so amazing, so unbelievable it is hard, if not completely impossible, to get your mind wrapped around it? Jesus Christ walked on the water and the Apostle Peter walked out to meet Him! Moses talked with God through a bush that was on fire, but was not consumed. Jonah spent three days in the belly of a whale.

Those are the kind of miracles that I am talking about. I am talking about a time when Joshua prayed and the Earth stood still. Want to see a miracle like that? Here is what you need to do to see God do something that amazing. Go to your bathroom and look in the mirror. See that? That is one amazing miracle if you truly have been born again.

In our everyday vocabulary we use many words. The word quality of them have been quite degraded over the years, nevertheless, we still use a variety. There are some words we use today, that didn't even exist a decade or two ago. Like this "blog" for example. Of all the words we use, "leave," "let's go," and "hurry up," are among some of the most used. Rarely do we say, "stay," or "be still." I doubt we ever use the word "abide" unless we make it a concerted effort. We live in a fast paced, hurry up, don't stay with anyone too long kind of society. Always chasing what's in, what's hot, what's big right now. God wants us to do a whole lot more abiding, and a whole lot less hurrying. It's not that we don't have time. Most of us have time to do exactly what we WANT to do. Time is almost never the issue - love is.

Becoming More Like Christ.
The Christian life is not a list of dos and don'ts. It is certainly not a bunch of standards of living and giving. There are a lot of things Christians should do and a lot of things we should abstain from doing, but that is not what being a Christian is all about. The Christian life is primarily about a relationship with God. We live in a day where there is an abundance of agnostic reasoning and focus on self-help. You and I absolutely must recognize that God is the reason you are here today, and He is the One who will transform you into the image of His Son.

See you Sunday!!

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New Home?
by Pastor_Lundy on 

Meeting at the hotel has been a blessing. It provides a large meeting location, and beautiful setting. There is plenty of parking with a covered drop off. Cleaning, utilities, chairs, and decorations are all included. Even the price is very reasonable.

Having considered all of the before mentioned benefits, you must weigh them against the vast amount of distractions that occur, the fact that we only get it one day per week for that price, it has zero exterior visibility, and often many folks do not feel comfortable using the "hotel room nursery" or attending church at a hotel at all.

We have continued to do all the things a church should be doing all the time. We knock doors, invite nearly everyone we run into, teach carefully the scriptures, preach unashamedly the gospel, visit often, and love everyone. We, I believe, have become the friendliest church in Clarksville.

The one thing the we have furthermore endeavored to do is locate a more permanent location to call home. It seems that perhaps God has led us to that place. 516 Lafayette Road could very well be our new home. We are truly praying that we will be able to raise the money to make the needed changes to the building to accommodate our church. If truly this is God's will He will provide. Please pray with us about this decision and that God will provide the $3,000 that we need.

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Location Found!
by Pastor_Lundy on 

God is good all the time.

That is one absolute truth that all Christians must settle in there lives at some point. The sooner that truth is settled the better the time is spent "waiting" on God. Once that truth is settled, the child of God can soon transition to the thought process of not thinking "if God blesses," but rather "when God blesses." The thoughts also come easier that God is never late, never makes mistakes, and is always in the business of doing things for His good. Dear child of God you must decide whether you want to be for His good or your good?

We now have solidified a contract to meet in the Montgomery Room at the Riverview Inn in downtown Clarksville. The Riverview Inn is two blocks from the Austin Peay Campus and literally 15 minutes or less from anywhere in the city. We will have two special Sundays in May (May 6th and May 27th) in which we will meet at Destiny Park. We are still excited about seeing what God will do through (in spite of) us.

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The Search for our Location
by Pastor_Lundy on 

As I sit and notice the countdown timer to Grand Opening, I see that the big day is less than 52 days away. I wish I could simply focus on the start of that day. I have been calling, visiting, mailing, and emailing churches by the scores. I have published the start day of April 22nd and set the website to reflect the same.

Where will we invite the people who live behind the 10,000 doors we plan to knock on to attend that day? Good question. In all reality it appears two options are available. There is a building on Dover Road and a conference room at the Riverview Inn.

I ask that you continue to pray with us as we trust God to lead us to just the right location. Most of all pray that those we come in contact with we can reach with the gospel.

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