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Church Ministries


LifeStages Bible Classes

Formerly known as Sunday School, but redesigned to help learn the Bible, and apply its truths to every stage in life.This is not the "good for kids kind of Sunday School" you might remember growing up. This is the "good for you" Bible class for those who can honestly admit that when it comes to God's Word, most of haven't arrived yet.

CrossRoads Ambassadors

LifeStage Bible class that meets on Sunday Mornings at 10? Yes! I group of teens and pre-teens that love God and want to learn how to establish a biblical foundation in their life? Yes! A chance for you to have activities with others your age? Yes! I'm a teenager, or nearly one, should I be a part of this ministry? YES!

Community Outreach

Our church has organized times of soul winning and visitation. We meet throughout the week to take God's saving message to our area. We go out into our community, knock doors, inviting people to church and to accept the greatest invitation of all, the invitation to accept Christ.

World MissionsWorld Missions

We believe in the necessity, and urgency of the calling that God has given to each one who has truly been born again. We are called to reach our neighborhoods, start more churches, and send missionaries around the world. We are committed to The Great Commission.

Operation Deployment Care

All or nothing. This is the schedule of a soldier in the United States Army. A soldier is either training for deployment, which requires long days and extended absences, or deployed to fight for and defend our freedom. The result is that we have become the greatest nation on Godís green Earth. Also resulting from that type of a schedule is a family that has to spend a lot of time with a missing parent.

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